In Singapore, years of effort against littering have not stamped out this environment challenge. Since 2005, the number of litterbugs caught has risen drastically to a mind-bogging 41,400 last year. A total of 2,537 corrective work orders where repeat offenders were forced to clean up a government specified location were issued last year. LITTERING is not only an ugly environmental nuisance, it also creates many health and life hazards. We, the CLEAN ENVIRONMENT HAPPY HEALTHY PEOPLE TEAM from TAO NAN SCHOOL aims to make people aware of these negative effects of littering and kick this bad habit of littering.


Tao Nan School


Jian Ruiying

Shannon Lam Tian Yew

Lydia Ng

Ong Jia Wei Isaac

Benjamin Tan Siong Min

Wong Yi Jie


Goh Sheu Beng