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Costs of Participation in 2011

Registration fees and the sale of FPSP Resource Materials are two of the main sources of income for the Program in Singapore. GSK-EDB FPSP Singapore has a formed royalty agreement with FPSP International that we will pay a fixed sum per book for the number sold. These considerations are factored into the cost of the resources. However, as far as possible, charges to schools are always held to a minimum.


Schools should be aware that the registration policy of GSK-EDB FPSP Singapore allows schools to be involved in the Future Problem Solving Program on a very cost-efficient basis. The cost of a single registration enables a school to teach the Program to as many students as they wish, since schools register teams, not student names. The number of booklets, scenarios or reports that can be submitted by schools for evaluation is determined by the number of registrations and extra teams can be registered if the school wishes to do so at some later stage.


For example, a school may register one team, teach the process to five (5) teams, but only send one booklet for formal evaluation for the first two practice rounds. It can then pay full registration for two (2) extra teams by the deadline, allowing three teams in all to be evaluated in the Qualifying Round.


It is our hope that the use of modern ICT technologies in our regular communications with schools will keep the Program costs as low as possible, as well as enable GSK-EDB FPSP Singapore to offer schools a better and more efficient service.



Program Cost
  Team Individual
Global Issue Problem Solving S$175.00 S$175.00
Community Problem Solving S$175.00 S$175.00
Scenario Writing S$100.00
(one evaluation)
(one evaluation)