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Involvement Types


This is the traditional base for participation, with teams or individuals being registered by Government and Government-aided primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges, and a centralized institute, and International schools. Two schools may combine to register.


Non-school based
Future Problem Solving is now available for non school-based participation for teams or individuals.  The students involved may be of different ages. It is ideal for family groups, youth groups or other configurations not connected with a school or a business.



Junior Middle Senior
Primary 5 – 6 Secondary 1 – 3 Secondary 4, Junior College 1 – 2



Global Issues Problem Solving (Competitive Programme Only)
Teams of students (or individuals) learn and practise a set of advanced thinking skills and then apply them to significant world issues in a competitive setting. The topics are set by FPSP International, following extensive input from FPS coaches and students in all affiliates.


Scenario Writing (Competitive Programme Only)
A creative writing activity for individual students that offers them the opportunity to enlarge, enrich and make more accurate their images of the future. Students are challenged to create a scenario of 1500 words, generally in the form of a short story, set at least 20 years in the future, arising from any one of the topics set for the year.


Community Problem Solving (Competitive Programme Only)
A real life action research activity where teams (or individuals) select a problem situation for investigation from within their own community and implement an action plan to solve the problem. Having analysed the situation using the FPS thinking process, they develop a plan to then implement their best solution to the problem. They submit a report that is focused on the implementation of that plan.