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Procedure For Evaluation

For this year, all entries are to be sent by REGISTERED MAIL (for added security) to the GSK-EDB FPSP Singapore Office. No responsibility will be taken for submissions left atthe GSK-EDB FPSP Singapore Office unless arrangements have been made with the Program Administrator.


When submitting the entries, coaches are asked to ensure that they do the following. Note: use the correct cover sheet for the entry being submitted (these are sent to schools following registration in the Program)


  1. Ensure that all details on the cover sheet are filled in
  2. Ensure that the original entry is sent in, with a copy being kept by the school
  3. Copies of entries are essential because losses in the postal system, however rare, do occur. A copy allows us to make emergency arrangements for the evaluation of your students’ work. GSK-EDB FPSP Singapore cannot take any responsibility for disappointments that may arise because a copy of the entry has not been provided by the school.


Also, when submitting the Global Issues Problem Solving entries, coaches are asked to ensure that the team/individual code is written on the first page of the submitted booklet.



  1. If the cover sheets have been misplaced, please contact the GSK-EDB FPSP Singapore Office,before submitting the entries.
  2. If a team’s registration is changed to a different division, new cover sheets must beobtained from the GSK-EDB FPSP Office. These changes should be completed before submittingentries, wherever possible.


Please be aware that the GSK-EDB FPSP Singapore Office is staffed on a part-time basis and thatevaluation is undertaken by GSK-EDB FPSP Singapore trained evaluators who either teach or study full-time.The evaluation processing schedule listed below has been designed as the best compromise inrespect of the term dates as well as to allow for a variety of peak periods in schools, such as examinations, report writing or examination marking.