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National Final

  1. The 2011GSK-EDB Future Problem Solving Program National Finals will be held on Nov 3, 4 &5 at Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary).Teams/individuals must finance their expenses to the National Final. The per-person registration fee for National Final covers registration and meals, and is approximately S$100 -$120 per person.

  3. On the basis of the Qualifying Report, school entries (usually the top 10-15%) that are deemed as being of sufficientquality in each of the divisions are invited to present a booth display on their project at theNational Final.

  5. At the National Final, a tri-fold cardboard backboard will be provided and must be used for the team display. The set-up of the display will be held on Nov 3, 2011. A 30-minute private interview with evaluators and up to 15 members of the CmPS team will be held on Nov 4, 2011. In the interview, evaluators ask questions about the project, and teams are able to point out portions of the project they want to emphasize, particularly any updated portions of the project. The projects are on display at the CmPS Fair on Nov 5, 2011, and the team must be present to share their project.