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Program Rules

Each school must provide a qualified evaluator for every three (3) or fewer CmPS team or individualregistrations. The evaluator will evaluate the qualifying report, and/or preliminary report at the National Final.


  1. A CmPS team may comprise any number of students. The grade level of the teammember in the highest grade determines the competitive division of the CmPS team. For reasons of space, a maximum of 15 students and 5 adults per CmPS team may attendthe National Final.

  3. The Overview of Project – Qualifying Report is submitted for comment in August eachyear. The Preliminary Report is then submitted for evaluation in October each year. The reports and addendum, including the completed CmPS component cover sheet, must be mailed(by registered mail) to the FPSP Singapore Office and postmarked on or before the datecited on the cover sheet.

  5. It is not necessary for a team or an individual to complete its project by the due date, or even by the end of the year. Projects are assessed on the achievements made up to the time of submission. The same project can be submitted for re-assessment each year as long as further progress has occurred and this can often be seen in CmPS projects at theInternational Conference.

  7. Coaches may purchase registrations until one week prior (no later than Thursday, 11 August 2011) to the Final Submission deadline of Thursday, 18 August, 2011. No teams may be added after this date.