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National Final

  1. The 2011 Future Problem Solving Program National Finals will be held on Nov 3, 4 & 5 at Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary).Teams/individuals must finance their expenses to the National Final. The per-person registration fee for National Final covers registration and meals, and is approximately S$100 – S$120 per person.

  3. Selection of teams/individuals to participate in the National Final will be based upon the best performance or finish by teams/individuals participating in the Qualifying Round. The top 10-15% of Junior, Middle and Senior teams/individuals registered in the program qualify to participate in the National Final.

  5. All booklets are evaluated and rank ordered in the first round. Booklets receiving a rank of one or two are re-evaluated in the second round. Each Round Two booklet is assigned a TRS (total rank sum) which is the sum of a team’s ranks after successive rounds of evaluation. Invitation to the National Final will be based on second round TRS. If the top teams/individuals cannot be determined after Round Two, booklets go to a third round of head-to-head competition among teams within the division.