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Practice Problem Protocols

  1. Practice Problem 1 and Practice Problem 2 give teams an opportunity to informally compete with other teams throughout Singapore. Each booklet is scored and ranked by an accredited evaluator.

  3. Future scenes are hypothetical situations based on current information. In cases where information may be found to dispute or contradict the information presented, the team should work within the boundaries of the given situation.

  5. All work must be contained within the official FPS booklet pages. (At the Qualifying Round, National Finals and International Conference, additional blank booklet pages are provided as students may not write on the back of a page.)

  7. It is acceptable to conduct the first two practice problems over several days. A “rule of thumb” time recommendation is: one hour for the first practice problem, which includes only the first three steps; and two hours for the next two problems, which include all steps. Coaches are encouraged to follow qualifying problem conditions but may suspend rules at their own discretion.

  9. For Practice Problem 1 and Practice Problem 2, the Future Scenes are available to the students from the time they begin to research the topic. However, in the Qualifying Round and the National Final, students do not see the actual Future Scene until it is presented to them at the beginning of the two (2) hours for the booklet analysis, which is held behind closed doors.

  11. Although results of the practice problems are returned to students and published, they play no part in selecting teams for participation in the National Final.

  13. Each problem submitted for evaluation must be mailed (by registered mail) and postmarked on or before the date cited on the cover sheet.

  15. Practice Booklets sent for evaluation must be accompanied by the official cover sheet which is included in the registration materials. The official cover sheet must be stapled to the booklet submitted for evaluation. The cover sheet indicates that the registration fee has been paid. Booklets without the official, original cover sheets will NOT be evaluated.

  17. A team does not have to submit the Practice Problems; however, they must submit the Qualifying Problem to be eligible for an invitation to the National Final.

  19. Team members may vary from problem to problem. However, should a team win an invitation to the National Final or the International Conference, it is the four team members who participated in the Qualifying Problem or National Final who will be invited. If circumstances require one or more of the team to be replaced, approval must be sought from the Executive Director at least one (1) week prior to the National Finals or International Conference. Only two substitutions may be made.

  21. Make a copy of the team’s work and keep it on file to protect against mail loss.

  23. Notify the Singapore office if there is a change in coach or address.