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Qualifying Problem Protocols

  1. The topic of the Qualifying Problem will be Genetic Testing.

  3. Booklets must be completed in one carefully timed session lasting no more than two hours.

  5. Only four (4) students may participate on a team submitting a booklet for competitive consideration on the qualifying problem. No substitutions may occur after the competition has begun. The grade level of the team member in the highest grade determines the competitive division of the booklet.

  7. Sealed packages containing the Qualifying Problem Future Scenes are not to be opened prior to the problem solving session, either by team members or coaches. Each package contains four (4) copies of the Future Scene. When the package is opened, one copy should be passed to each team member. Timing of the problem solving session will begin when students open their sealed packages. Reading of the Future Scene is included in the two-hour time limit.

  9. No written materials relating to the topic of Genetic Testing or the Future Problem Solving process may be used by students or displayed in the room where booklets are being prepared. All reference materials, except dictionaries and thesauruses, are also prohibited.

  11. Each team is allowed only ONE Standard English dictionary (print) and ONE thesaurus(print) each, and ONE non-programmable calculator into the competition venue. No other electronic devices (such as spell checkers, electronic thesauruses, and computers) may be used by participants. Exceptions for special circumstances must be requested in advance in writing.

  13. Coaches may not be present in the same room as their team during the problem solving session. Other adults may supervise students in the room as long as interaction is limited to issues of supervision and security. Coaches may monitor student behavior outside the problem solving rooms, in hallways, or adjoining rooms. If a coach must enter the room to attend to an emergency or disruption, extra care must be taken to avoid any discussion of Future Problem Solving.

  15. Should an emergency occur causing an interruption in the problem solving session, additional time corresponding to the length of the interruption should be extended to affected teams.

  17. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that all team participants are familiar with the rules of the competition.

  19. Coaches may purchase registrations until one week prior (no later than Thursday, 11 August 2011) to the Qualifying Problem deadline of Saturday, 20 August, 2011. No teams or individuals may be added after this date.